World Photobook Day Giveaway

© Yvette Meltzer, winner of our giveaway 2016

Happy World Photobook Day!

October 14 celebrates the birth of the photobook, way back in 1843, with the creation of the first known photobook Photographs of British algae by Anna Atkins.

We here at ceiba love photobooks, and 2 years and 4 photobooks later, we are happy to continue creating and sharing them.

We’re celebrating World Photobook Day with a giveaway! Tell us about your favorite photobook in a comment below (any photobook!). One lucky person will be chosen at random to receive a free copy of one of our titles (either Father Figure or Come to Selfhood).

Entries accepted until Saturday, Oct 15 at 11:59pm EST.

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12 thoughts on “World Photobook Day Giveaway

  • Maja Djurisic

    Hi, I love photobooks. I bought Father Figure for a X-mas present, and later treated myself with the Red String. Both books are very inspiring, and got me thinking about having my own photo-journals. Great work, Ceiba! Thank you!

  • Wilfredo Raguro

    Thanks to Ceiba Foto, I finally got a hold of the award winning Red String, regretted to not buy the original copy in the beginning. But since it was reprinted through Ceiba, I can finally learn from what people and critics were talking about. Truly a work of art and I love learning from the blog post on how the book was being made. Inspired to make a book of my own with meaning in the near future!


    Hi Ceiba folks! You are playing a blinder with your consistently amazingly books – keep it up! I think my favourite book of the last few years is wonderland by Jason eskinazi. I love the size of the book – a fairytale that you can put in your back pocket and carry everywhere with you. The individual pictures are “wonderful” and the carefully crafted edit and sequence really transform it into so much more than a book. Dreamy, haunting and intimate – just how I love my books to be… Happy Book Day and many happy returns!

  • Najja Foluke

    Greetings, I bought the book, Father Figure, because I was interested in the content, especially after conversing with Zun Lee via Flickr concerning his work. So, when the book was out, I had to order it. I wanted to go to New York for the Opening, but the timing was off. I’ve gone through the book several times, studying the photos in attempts to find his “decisive moment” for clicking the shutter. He truly has some awesome and powerful images in the book, worthy of any photographer’s time to review it. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Zun’s work.


  • James

    My favorite photobook… that’s a tough one. It depends on my mood or what I’m looking for. For color, its Huger Foote’s “My Friend from Memphis.” For inspiration, Saul Leiter, no question. For something from daily life, I love Sam Harris’s “The Middle of Somewhere.” For a great book design, David Alan Harvey’s “(based on a true story).” But lately, it’s been Paul Graham’s “the Whiteness of the Whale” for most all of that: great color, good story, good design, and good ideas.

  • Carsten Bockermann

    Finding an answer to your question is not an easy thing… There are books that I like because of the individual pictures they contain, for instance “Five Decades” by William Albert Allard, the latest book by Harry Gruyaert, “Cuba” by David Alan Harvey and many more. And then there are those books that are works of art by themselves, assembling pictures, text and sometimes other items into more than the sum of their parts. “Red String” is an example of the latter kind.

  • Scott Bennett

    Hello Ceiba foto! I tried to just pick one, and that was tough. The following three have left quite a strong impression on me: Nicaragua by Susan Meiselas, Divided Soul by David Alan Harvey, and The Suffering of Light by Alex Webb. Although I have seen some of the Ceiba books online, I hope to order a few soon (if I win or not, ha!). Keep up the great work!

  • Yvette Meltzer

    I love photobooks and one that I saw just yesterday that I would love to own is JOSHUA RASHAAD MCFADDEN’s “COME TO SELFHOOD.” I love the content, photos and text, I love the format, the paper, the size. In short, I loved everything about it! Other photo books I like are those by Sam Abell and “Self and Others” by Aline Smithson. And there are so many more but my favorite right now is Come to Selfhood. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Anna

    Congrats Ceiba on World Photobook Day for your success with producing such amazing books. Middle of somewhere is definitely one of my recent favorites. One of my older favorite photobooks is Redheaded Peckerwood by Christian Patterson. Each time I look through this book, I discover something I had not previously noticed. It’s an intriguing story, told through carefully selected images, to give away just enough of the story. Another that I should mention as a favorite is Paloma al Aire by Ricardo Cases, with it’s colorful story of pigeon racing in a Spanish town.
    Happy World Photobook Day!

  • Robert Musgrave

    My favourite photobook would have to be Daido Moriyama’s Tales of Tono. The black and white, photographs are extremely high contrast and flat, with minimum detail given to the viewer. This plus the quality of the matt paper gives the images a mysterious and abstract quality. The body of photos are all black and white, shot landscape, presented in a portrait format and with a few short essays. It feels like a novel when you carry it around or perhaps a small bible. I often found myself looking into it for some sort of spiritual wisdom to be revealed. 🙂

  • Reginald Moore

    My favorite photo book is Peter Hujar’s Portraits in Life and Death. Hujar was able to capture a particular group of artist & friends (most whom have since died) and a mediation on the final resting places on those who died centuries ago. It’s a haunting book that has sadly been out of print for years, thus making it a relic of a relics.

  • ceiba
    ceiba Post author

    THANK YOU everybody for entering our giveaway, many great books mentioned, a few we didn’t know, but will check out of course.
    Entries are closed now, we’ll draw the winner and let you know who it is shortly!