PhotoBoox Award 2017

PhotoBoox Award 2017

The winner and the shortlisted dummies

(Text and pictures courtesy by PhotoLux)
We are glad to announce that the winner of the PhotoBoox Award 2017 is Mayumi Suzuki with her dummy The Restoration Will.

This outstanding dummy tells, visually, the story of the loss of the photographer’s parents in the 2011 tsunami that occurred in Japan.
The jury found the visual story and the narrative very powerful and also perceived the struggle in finding an adequate way of telling the story of a personal loss of such magnitude.
With the decision of awarding Mayumi Suzuki the jury is offering their support for the completion of this very personal project by turning this already strong dummy into a book. We realise how something that might have started as a way to deal with a personal loss, can turn into a project to share with a larger audience. Reflected in this dummy, we see the struggle of the author and the challenges she had to face and therefore we believe it has a huge potential. She was able to show her vulnerability on the pages but not always she seems capable of finding a reaction to it on her own.

Furthermore, the jury awarded Miki Hasegawa‘s dummy Internal Notebook with the Special Mention.


The structure of the dummy reveals an eclectic use of notebook style and a very thorough research. The dummy deals with the emotional cries of children raised in abusive homes. The jury was impressed by the way Miki Hasegawa approached this extremely difficult subject. A book not easy to digest but nonetheless very significant. We found it remarkable how she tells the stories in such a respectful, delicate way.

The other 4 shortlisted dummies are:
Olga Bushkova, How I tried to convince my husband to have children
Keiji Fujimoto, Forget-me-not
Hiroshi Okamoto, We do not need you, here / If I could only fly
Thi My Lien Nguyen, Hiêu Thào/With love and respect
Congrats to the winner and all the authors of the shortlisted projects and thanks to all of you who sent a dummy!
See you in Lucca in November for the book launch of “The Restoration Will” and the presentation of the other shortlisted dummies! Enjoy!
photoboox award 2017 winners and shortlisted dummies

Overview of the winner books, and the shortlisted.
Above, from left to right:
Mayumi Suzuki “The Restoration Will”, winner
Miki Hasegawa “Internal Notebook”, special mention
below, from left to right:
Thi My Lien Nguyen “Hiêu Thào/With love and respect”
Hiroshi Okamoto “We do not need you, here / If I could only fly”
Keiji Fujimoto “Forget-me-not”
Olga Bushkova “How I tried to convince my husband to have children”

The Announcement
The Rules
The Jury
The Prize

On the occasion of Photolux Festival International Biennial of Photography 2017, PHOTOLUXEyesOpen! and ceiba editions promote an international call for photobooks, the PhotoBoox Award 2017.

The award is aimed to recognize the best unpublished projects, giving them a broad visibility and a chance for publication. All dummies will go into the Photolux archive and book collection. The shortlisted projects will be presented in a dedicated talk during the main weekend of the Festival and featured on Photolux Festival and ceiba editions websites. The winning project will be produced and published by ceiba editions, with the sponsorship of PHOTOLUX and the support of EyesOpen!, and will be presented during the Festival.

In addition, EyesOpen! will feature the best projects in their print magazine!


The PhotoBoox Award 2017 is aimed to recognize the best unpublished projects, giving them a broad visibility and a chance for publication by ceiba editions.


Who can participate?

Submissions for the PhotoBoox Award 2017 are free of charge and open to all photographers or collectives, professionals and non, from all countries.


Quality, originality and consistency of the project are the main criteria for inclusion in the selection.

Every participant can submit only one book project. The project must be unpublished. Projects already published by a publishing house or self-published will not be included.

Technical Details

The project must be submitted as a physical paper dummy, complete in every aspect (including texts and graphic design).

Along with the dummy the following documentation must be included:

  • • personal data of the photographer/collective: name, surname, address, phone number, email address;
  • • curriculum vitae;
  • • title and description of the project (max. 1000 characters);
  • • technical information of the dummy (size, page number, paper, binding); ***
  • • cost estimate comprehending all necessary parts for publication; ***
  • • authorization to Photolux Festival, Eyes Open! and ceiba editions, to use the pictures submitted, electronically, and in print in the context of this competition, to document and promote this and future Festivals and competitions.

*** The winner of the award will sign a regular publishing contract with ceiba editions. The edition will be published in collaboration with the artist, based on the submitted dummy. However, ceiba editions holds the pre-rogative to adapt size, shape and form to improve the project for best production and marketing purposes. The edition will be printed with the support of Grafiche dell'Artiere.

NOTE: the dummies will not be returned.


The projects must be submitted following the guidelines above, in a closed envelope, before and not later than July 15th, 2017 (date of postmark), to the following address:

Associazione culturale Photolux
Via Guidiccioni, 188
55100 Lucca

Markus Schaden, founder of The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne
President of the jury


Daria Birang, curator and bookmaker

Benedetta Donato, independent curator

Eva-Maria Kunz, co-founder and artistic director of ceiba editions

Manuela Cigliutti, founder and artistic director of EyesOpen! Magazine


The jury will meet during the month of July 2017.

The result of the award will be announced within July 31st, 2017.

THE JURY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO NOT AWARD THE PRIZE in case that there are no submissions deemed apt for a book publication.


The winning project and winner of the PhotoBoox Award 2017 will be published by ceiba editions and will be presented during Photolux Festival 2017.

These are some of our dummies, now we want to see YOURS!

ceiba's dummies

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