Für mich – Sina Niemeyer


You taught me how to be a butterfly only so you could break my wings.

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You taught me how to be a butterfly only so you could break my wings.

Für mich is the artist’s autobiographic story of sexual abuse. Sina’s project was born out of the necessity to understand and come to terms with what had happened to her as a pre-adolescent girl. To ultimately get to a place of forgiveness, in order to be able to close a chapter that hurt her so much, and influenced how she grew up to become a young woman.

With photography as therapy, the book itself is meant to serve as a tool for social change. It is small in size, but very dense in content. It is not a book with pretty pictures, it is not meant as an accusation of one specific person, it addresses the multiple and contradicting emotions a sexually abused person feels, where there is no clear black and white, but with all the shades of grey.

When every 3rd woman has or will experience physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in her life, then there is something wrong with society. It is our responsibility that a change happens.

As a society we must take care of our children, we must make sure that, if something wrong happens to them, they have a place to go, that they can talk to someone and that they are taken seriously by doing so, that it does not take up to 8 attempts before a child is heard.

And we must not only make it easier for children and women, but also for the potential abusers, to protect themselves and others, to recognise their wrong longings early enough and to find help more easily.

Sina’s and our hope is that this book will start a conversation.


Für mich is the winner project of the Perugia Social Photo Fest call for entry.

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June 2018


96 pages


Transparent cover with flaps, softcover, handbound

Printed in

Grafiche dell’Artiere, Italy




English, with translations to German, Italian, Spanish, French


Sina Niemeyer has been working as a photojournalist since 2014. She won the Canon Profifoto promotion award 14/2 and her work has been published in German magazines such as Cicero, Spiegel Wissen and Chrismon. Sina currently lives in Hannover.

Besides creating journalistic stories, she is continuously searching for new ways of storytelling. She is especially interested and fascinated by interdisciplinary projects that involve the protagonist and push the boundaries of art and photojournalism.

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Sina Niemeyer

Das Erste: Missbrauch und die Folgen


Perugia Social Photo Fest

Database of Helplines concerning Child Sexual Abuse

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Sina Niemeyer – Für mich – deutsch

Sina Niemeyer – Für mich – español

Sina Niemeyer – Für mich – English

Sina Niemeyer – Für mich – français

Sina Niemeyer – Für mich – italiano

Sina Niemeyer – Für mich – português

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