The Middle of Somewhere – Sam Harris

The Middle of Somewhere was a finalist at the POYi Awards for Best Photography Book, won the Australian Photobook of the Year People’s Choice Award, was shortlisted for the Australian Photobook of the Year Award, was a finalist at Les Rencontres d’Arles Book Award 2015 and at GuatePhoto Festival, and ceiba won the Lucie Award for book publisher of the year 2015!


In a digital world saturated with consumerism, The Middle of Somewhere brings a voice of an unaffected childhood in a remote corner of the world, the Southwest of Australia.

With a warmth and candour rarely seen, Sam Harris focuses his lens on his daughters’ childhood, in a place where they are free to experience the wonder of their surroundings. The trees and the shadows, the sunlit faces and the passing seasons, are movingly brought to life by his evocative photography.

This body of work spans a twelve-year period in the life of the photographer’s family, since they have boldly decided to leave the rat race in search for a simpler existence. A Travelogue insert is included in the book from the family’s life on the road in Australia and in villages in India where they lived for several years and birthed their second daughter.

Simultaneously expressing something about the meanings of love, growing up, sisterhood, family, landscape, and the rhythm of nature, Harris’ work is at once both intimate and all embracing and is a memorable and inspiring collection of images that will both please the eye and stir the soul.

It is the mark of a true artist to take the ordinary and discover within it something extraordinary. Sam Harris captures fleeting moments of domesticity and creates from them the timeless and the iconic.

Alasdair Foster, Curator and Writer

Many dream of escaping the city – but few actually do it and even fewer do it so boldly. Since leaving London, he has slowly and carefully recorded his family’s adventures on film; the everyday images are intimate, loving, funny, fascinating and, best of all, spontaneous.

Amy Raphael, for The Sunday Telegraph Magazine

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Out of Stock

Publishing Date

May 2015


18,75 cm x 24,5 cm / 7.4″ x 9.6″


160 pages, 94 photographs, 2 inserts, 48 photographs, Post-its and Notes


Softcover, Numbered edition of 600

Printed in

Offset printing by EBS, Italy




Photographs by Sam Harris

SAM HARRIS is a photographer and an educator in Australia. In 2002, Sam abandon his London career as a portrait and documentary photographer for leading UK magazines in favour of quality family time and turning his camera inwards. After several nomadic years with his young family between India and Australia, Sam settled in the forests of southwestern Australia where he continues to photograph his on-going family diary and run workshops. Harris’ self-published photobook Postcards from Home received several awards including the Australian publishing industry’s ‘Book of the Year’ & ‘Australian Book of the Year’ 2012

Text by Alasdair Foster

ALASDAIR FOSTER has 20 years’ experience heading national arts institutions and over 35 years of working in the public cultural sector. He was the founding director of Fotofeis, Europe’s largest photo event of the nineties (1991–1997) and director of the Australian Centre for Photography (1998–2011). A Sydney-based writer and award-winning curator, he currently runs an international consultancy that initiates intercultural art and photography projects globally. Recent projects have been staged in China, Colombia, Denmark, Russia and USA; forthcoming projects are in production for Canada, China, Guatemala, Spain, UK, USA and Vietnam.

Notes by Yael Harris

YAEL HARRIS is an Art Mentor in Western Australia. She started her career in the music industry where she took part in a small team responsible for a rock revolution in Tel-Aviv of the early 90’s. She has received over 30 gold and platinum records. In 1997 Yael moved to London and collaborated for several years with food Entrepreneur Kevin Gould and later joined the organisation Peace One Day. Yael now works as an Art Mentor and collaborates on photography projects with her husband, photographer Sam Harris.

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