World Photobook Day Giveaway 2018

Congratulations to the winner, you’ll get a book of your choice and a ceiba tote bag!

And all those who have participated, you’ll get a free tote bag with your next order, too!

ENTRIES CLOSED, thank you very much for participating, WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON!

Happy World Photobook Day!

October 14th celebrates the birth of the photobook, way back in 1843, with the creation of the first known photobook Photographs of British Algae by Anna Atkins.

At ceiba we do love photobooks, and you do, surely, too.

As per tradition, we’re celebrating World Photobook Day with a giveaway, YAY!

We want to know which of the photobooks you bought this year is your favourite, and why. Tell us in a comment below.

One lucky person will be chosen at random to receive a free copy of one of our available titles, plus one of our brandnew, handmade and handstamped totebags: Father Figure, I Ditched Class and I Took a Bath, Für mich or the stinky , your choice!

Entries are accepted from NOW until Sunday, Oct 14 at 11:59pm PST. Have fun, we certainly do!


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15 thoughts on “World Photobook Day Giveaway 2018

  • Ola Søndenå

    My favourite photobook so far this year is Für mich by Sina Niemeyer. Not because it’s a Ceiba book (in itself a sign of quality), but because it is a moving, poignant, strong, beautifully told and designed story of a very very important issue. Even though I’ve bought (too) many photobooks this year, I keep returning to Für mich, a photobook that hits you in the heart as well as the head.

  • Isaac Ruperez

    My favorite book I bought this year is Julie Glassberg’s unnamed book (bike kill). The reason is I like handmade books a lot, and I liked specially how the covers and their smell get you into the story of the pictures. Some close mentions are Jorge Panchoaga’s “Dulce y Salada”, which has a very interesting sequence, and also “Bookdummies” by Victor Sira, because of the insight on photobook dummy making.

  • Natalia Poniatowska

    My favourite photo book I’ve bought this years is Sound of Two Songs by Mark Power. I left Poland my home country 6 years ago and when I felt the most homesick, I found Marks book. It starts with a beautiful introduction about Poland, saying that it’s a beautiful country but also an ugly country. It’s like a melody of two songs and that’s exactly what I always felt about my home country. The series includes one photograph trombone zabrze, close to my home. It’s amazing to see how someone from abroad can see Poland. All shot with a large format camera, shows the country’s ugly side in a very stunning way. I often come back to this photographs. Thanks Mark.

  • Michael George

    My favorite is Shane Lavalette’s ‘Still (Noon)’

    When I first saw it in the store I immediately fell in love. It represents a beautiful distinction between the “old” way of seeing and the new. It is thoughtful, beautiful, and full of surprises!

  • Alison McCauley

    My favourite book that purchased this year is Past Perfect Continuous by Igor Posner. Looking through the book is a totally immersive experience. It’s a moving, emotional book that hits me in the solar plexus.

  • Floyd

    The is year, last month in fact i got a copy (3rd pressing?) Of Masahisa Fukase’s Ravens/Solitude of Ravens. Its a book i never expected to own a copy of and it was the first collection of photos that really hit me and impacted how i see photos and collections of creative work as whole and parts. My own work is different but this book is just, something else.


  • Chris Moxey

    My favourite photo book of 2018 is Shane Lynam’s Fifty High Seasons. It’s set on a stretch of the French coast that I’ve been fascinated by for a long time but had previously seen only on vintage postcards. The air of nostalgia I associate with it is further enhanced by a muted colour palette and the finished book is beautifully produced and printed.