The Photo Book – Your Next Step

A workshop in collaboration with Mayumi Suzuki, organized by Spazio Labo’.

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Mayumi Suzuki will be back in Italy in March 2018, a great occasion to work together again. Other than the exhibition of The Restoration Will, Spazio Labo’ is organizing a 2 days full immersion workshop, with the aim to help you take YOUR next step in the book making process.

No matter where your project stands, Mayumi Suzuki and Eva-Maria Kunz of ceiba, will help you think about where it should go next. No miracles, but hands on, concrete indications from a project idea to the printed book on the table, and beyond.

When will we meet:

March 10th – 11th, 2018, from 10 am to 6 pm

Where will we meet:

Spazio Labo’, Strada Maggiore 29, 40125, Bologna, Italy

Who can participate:

Open to everyone who has a strong: project idea, a broad edit, a tight edit, a dummy, or anything in-between and is thinking about publishing it as a book.

Why should you sign up:

Because you are unsure about your edit, sequence, layout or design; have questions about different materials to use; can’t decide the printing method; don’t know if and how you should approach a publisher, or self publish; want to name your book, but have a writer’s block; have a dummy but wonder about what’s next.

What should you bring:

A pile of work prints, your dummy, whatever material you have considered for your project and have left out, a list of questions, reference books/material/music.
Agathe Rousselle "I Ditched Class and I Took a Bath"

Want to sign up, have questions or need more info? Please contact: or check out The Photo Book – Your Next Step on Spazio Labo’ website. (English version available soon!)


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