Lovers and Friends

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When did you first pick up a camera and start shooting?

I was about 15, living in Arizona, USA. It all started from me growing up skating and shooting skate photos of my friends.

You mentioned that switching to a longer camera strap changed things for you. What’s the story behind that?

Ahhh yes, well I left my camera on a table once at a show and 2 seconds later when I went to retrieve it, someone had stolen it. When I ordered a new one, it showed up in the mail with a longer strap. That was much more accommodating to carry around after that. Now that I’ve had the longer strap I’ve had that camera around my neck every single day for three years. It was right there—small enough, quick enough, and fun enough to take pictures.

You have a very distinct style. How did this develop?

I have lived and shot in CA for most of my adult life starting 11 years ago when I moved to LA (from Poland). You shoot what’s around you. And even though I travel a lot, I’m attracted to warm weather and sunny beaches in all parts of the world.

You self published a limited edition book called “Bite It, You Scum.” What was the process of making the book?

I was in a metal band for about 8 years till just recently called “Green and Wood.” The book was a way for me to show my lifestyle of touring around the world with the band and show the people and friends I associated myself with at that time. I just constantly took photos of everything around me, then a few years later I had a goal that I had the publish a book while I was 25. I stayed up day and night editing and made it happen a month before my 26th birthday!

Can you tell us a bit about your transition from assistant to photographer and offer up any tips for those looking to make the same leap?

You should try and learn as much as possible while you’re assisting so when you move into doing it on your own you will have confidence in what you want to shoot. And just constantly take photos. It’s different for everyone but I was always shooting a bit here and there while assisting until people took me seriously enough to hire me.

This body of work is on lovers. How did it come about and what made you approach the topic? Who are the people featured?

There are just my friends and love is a beautiful thing so I wanted to see different ways it is shared amongst people.

Magdalena Wosinska was born in Katowice, near Krakow in Poland, in 1983.



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One thought on “Lovers and Friends

  • Bill Hess

    Excellent series – the kind that makes me want to live my youth again – but this time not as a Mormon. Given the ever scrolling format, I am not quite sure how to easily identify a specific image, but even though it is very different in many ways the one of the nude couple where he has his arm over his eyes and she is nestled into him makes me think of Annie Leibovitz’s famous portrait of John Lenon and Yoko Ono.