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What’s your shooting process like?

Right now my process consist of strapping a camera around my neck every time I walk out the door. It’s about going out into the world and finding those moments or people that inspire me, that grab my attention. That fleeting moment that most of us don’t see or choose not to see. Its very much open to adventure and the possibilities life surrounds us with.

How did you get interested in photography and develop your style?

I’ve been interested in photography ever since I was a child. Did a bit of a black & white class in high school, but it wasn’t until around the end of my time in Taiwan that I really got into it. I bought an Ansel Adams Photography 1 book and started to go out and shoot. Then I came to a crossroad in my life and had to decide where I would go and do after Taiwan. At the time I was dating an Australian girl from Melbourne so I decided to follow her and study photography there for two years.

In terms of developing my style, in my case, it’s taken a long time. And by that I mean it took me a while to get over my ideas of what kind of photographer I should be. So much so that I was not shooting at all. This might sound strange but it is true. So about two years ago I redirected my thoughts and changed my approach. I decided to take my camera everywhere with me and I started by photographing friends or whatever or whomever interested me. Slowly things start to appear in your work and you decide whether you keep photographing that or not or perhaps make it better.

So from this comes my style, by just photographing. It is raw, in the moment type photography. Anything goes. I’m also interested in more thought out photo essays. I don’t wanna get stuck on one thing.

I also want to add that in my experience the type of camera can dictate the style or approach you might take in getting a photo. I compare it to a musician using different types of instruments in order to get that beautiful sound he wants.

Bottom line is stop thinking too much and go shoot 😉

A lot of your Instagram hashtags include things like #believeinfilm and #filmisnotdead. Did you always shoot film? What makes you such a diehard film fan?

I’ve started photographing with film because I’m from the pre digital time.But I think it’s the old argument of what’s better CD’s or Vinyl? Both great for different reasons, but I’m a bit of an ol’school head and prefer the quality of film. I also think it keeps you sharp. You really must understand lighting and look through that view finder to compose properly. This is one of the reasons I don’t take iPhone photography too seriously, although I do like it for what it is. At the end of the day a good photo is a good photo, but we must be careful not to lose the art and technique of this beautiful medium.

And to answer your other question I listen to digital files too 😉


You’re originally from Chile. What brings you to NYC and what keeps you here?

I guess I’m originally from Canada as I was born there. My father was a political prisoner for 4 1/2 years in the south of Chile. He was exiled in the late 70’s to Canada so my mother followed him. My mother, brother and I traveled to Chile in the 80’s and moved there after the dictatorship ended (1990).
So I spent my formative teenage years in Chile. Being a 90’s teenager in South America was fun.

After my five years in Melbourne I traveled a bit and decided to visit some friends from Australia in New York. I was only going to stay two weeks! It’s been about 4 years. And I’m currently waiting for my second artist visa to get back in! Whoever is reading this please send out some good energy my way pleeeeease.

What keeps me in New York?

The people and the opportunities you can seek out.
Can I take this time to clarify that true New Yorkers are the nicest people. They only have a bad rep’ because they will call you out on your shit. And from my experience on this planet most people don’t like being called out on their shit. Me included. New York makes you a better person! haha
I love you New York.

Who is Jay Boogie and how did you meet him?

He is La Cosa Chocha Gangsta fab aaaooow… I met him on set on one of his music videos. If you have the chance go see him live. My gangsta boo brings it!

Camilo Fuentealba is a Chilean/Canadian who lives in Brooklyn, NY.



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