A German with an Orderly View

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You have a distinct style. How did you develop it?

I started with street photography. I really like it for it’s humour, suspense, oddness and emotions – everything that humans stand for.

But for me it didn’t work at all. My pictures looked boring because the people here in Germany are bored I think. And I was not daring enough. I want to keep the control and I think you have to stop thinking for good street photography.

So I concentrated on what I am. I’m a German with an orderly view. I tidy up my pictures. I use people as an element to compose my idea and mostly I do not need faces. I like it when the result is simple and abstract and you create a little “Eh???”

My style is an ongoing process. I do more and more analogue. I learn with every picture and I really enjoy doing it.

Do you see things in every day life differently?

I think everyone sees differently in their every day lives. Ask 10 people to take a picture of a rubbish bin and you will get 10 different pictures. Maybe I´m more focused on the little details, which make the picture for me a bit odd or humourous. In the last two years my attention span was very small. I lived a quiet life and I was focused on closer surroundings. I had all the time in the world to see every day life differently.

What has influenced your art the most thus far?

What I don´t know, but in terms of who, I can name William Egglestone and Guy Bourdin, both for their amazing colors and composition skills and my boyfriend, my muse.

What other projects are you working on?

I’m planning a series about guard girls from a German carnival company. I like the graphic pictures when they are marching and their bizarre smile. Another project I want to do is about the “sticky“ people in Lisbon, I never saw so many people with crutches like there. And I want to travel more, that is for sure. I also need a website….

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Regarding myself I can say, I live in the here and now. For my photography I want that my pictures become “real”. I´m maybe old school but I want to hold a print, a book in my hand or look at it in a gallery. All those millions and trillions of pictures which exist online. It overwhelms me. I mean I really enjoy looking at pictures, but how many pictures can your brain deal with?


Alexandra Höhn quit her full time job in order to focus on photography. She lives on the 4th floor in Hamburg, Germany, with much light and the most important people in her life.


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